Three Stories
By: Hasan Azizul Huq and Edited by: Kaiser Haq

These three stories by Hasan Azizul Huq, translated from the original Bengali by a team of translators, make a substation selection of his powerful, socially conscious writing available for the first time to the Anglophone reader. Highly regarded throughout the Bengali-speaking world, Huq is unique in his harrowing portrayal of the lower depths of Bengali society.

The publication of this volume marks the debut of the Dhaka Translation Center at the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB). The center offers fellowships to translators and publishes quality translations from Bengali into English under the imprint of Bengal Lights Books.

Published by Bengal Lights Books (ULAB imprint)
ISBN: 978-984-90738-2-6

Pariah and Other Poems
By: Kaiser Haq

This volume brings together all the poems Kaiser Haq has written since the publication of Published in the Streets of Dhaka: Collected Poems. They offer a masterly treatment of the everyday world of social and political problems as well as the perennial themes of literature. Always rich in emotional content and intellectual implications, Haq’s poetry is also zany, quirky, and ironic. His fine ear for poetic cadence and harp eye for the telling image ensure that his work is of universal appeal even when he deals with his native land and its peculiar problems.

Published by Bengal Lights Books (ULAB imprint)
ISBN: 978-984-90738-1-9

The Devil’s Thumbprint
By: Ahsan Akbar

This is the debut collection by a young Bangladeshi poet. It clearly shows that Bangladeshi poetry in English is attracting fresh talent whose development is bound to be a matter of interest to poetry lovers everywhere. The poems cover a span of years and reflect a young man’s sentimental education in a world of emotional instability. At once emotionally charged and infused with irony and wit, the poems will delight and entertain and also provoke serious thought.

Published by Bengal Lights Books (ULAB imprint)
ISBN: 978-984-90738-3-3

Centenary of Rabindranath’s Nobel Prize of Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore
Edited by: Rafiqul Islam

Published by ULAB’s Center for Bangla Studies in collaboration with Agamee Prakashani, Dhaka, this anthology includes 10 Bengali and English verses, as well as the introductions of the English and French editions wititten by W.B. Yeast and Andre Gide. It also includes the presentation speech given by Mr. Harald Hjärne, Chairman of the Nobel Committee of the Swedish Academy, and the acceptance speech given by Tagore.

ISBN: 978-984-04-1582-3

Bangladesh: The Price of Freedom
By: Raghu Rai

Co-published with University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh and Niyogi Books, this book of photography covers Bangladeshis during the Liberation War of 1971. Ace photographer Ragu Rai documented the plight of the refugees, the action during the war and the jubilant scenes of victory and Independence. His treasure trove of photographs, which for over four decades he thought had been lost, was recently rediscovered.

The stories are perhaps not unknown, but have been retold by a master storyteller-the refugee camps, the exodus, the never-ending journey, a whirlwind of poignant, tormented history. And finally, anew nation, a new tomorrow. Bangladesh: The Price of Freedom are never before seen photographs which comprise a significant body of work documenting a turning point in the history of South Asia.

ISBN: 978-93-81523-69-8

Sex Workers and their Children in Bangladesh: Addressing Risks and Vulnerabilities
Edited by: Daniel M. Sabet, Tawhidur Rahman and Sate Ahmad

Co-published with ULAB’s Center for Sustainable Development and ActionAid Bangladesh, this is a compilation of research conducted as part of the Liberation and Empowerment: Attaining Dignity and Rights for Sex Works and their Children in Bangladesh (LEADR) Project.

ISBN: 978-984-33-5858-5


Social Water Management among Munda People in the Sundarban
by Chiara Perucca
with Krishnopodo Munda
This is the first-ever book in English about the the Munda peoples in Bangladesh, exploring their unique water resource management. ULAB-ISD Visiting Researcher Chiara Perucca carried out her work with the collaboration of Krishna Munda, Rehnuma Binte Razzaque from BARCIK and Boruna Munda over a period of one year.

The book is designed to be a tool for NGOs and aid agencies in helping them to design and execute programs that take into account the resources and knowledge of the Munda people in a way that will make them full partners in their own empowerment.

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